Small Business General Counsel in MD and DC

Dojo Law has been representing Maryland and Washington D.C. small businesses as general counsel attorneys for years. We specialize in advising on a wide variety of business-related issues.

Why Choose Dojo Law?

As a small, locally owned law firm in Bethesda, Maryland, Dojo Law personifies the entrepreneurial spirit man of our clients have as small businesses. We take a practical, common-sense approach when it comes to representing our clients.

Like many of our clients, we understand the pain points that may arise from legal matters, financial issues, business related decisions, and more. We understand how seemingly small decisions can have a wide impact on your organization. As small business attorneys in Maryland and D.C., we pride ourselves on being strategic thinkers, planners, and trusted advisors to our clients throughout the area.

How We Help Small Businesses in Maryland and Washington D.C.

Dojo Law is a full-service small law firm. We advise and provide legal counsel on a comprehensive range business related decisions that can impact a small business operating in the State of Maryland or Washington D.C.

Dojo Law advises/counsels on Commercial, Financial, and Transactional Issues. Such issues may include, but are not limited to the following:

    • Business Information
    • Entity Selection
    • Shareholder Agreements
    • Capital Raising
    • Small Business Mergers

Who We Represent?

Dojo Law represents a number of small businesses throughout the State of Maryland and within Washington, D.C. Our clients range from middle market enterprises to small privately owned companies and start-ups.

We partner as legal counsel to small businesses to advise on choice of entity, legal structure, and venture capital financing. Our network of connections with accountants, valuation experts, bankers and brokers, allow us to provide the best possible outside general counsel to small businesses as possible.

Dojo Law: Small Business Lawyers in Washington, D.C. and Maryland

Interested in learning more how Dojo Law can provide outside counsel to your business in Maryland or Washington, D.C.? Contact Dojo Law to learn more and schedule a no obligation meeting today.